Online Engagement Goals

Community engagement and input are the most foundational part of the North Downtown Athens Planning process. We kicked off the planning process with stellar stakeholder meetings and two great community workshops in February but had to pause in-person events starting in March due to COVID-19. Even though we may have to physically distance ourselves these days, collaboration can still continue! Online surveys, focus group virtual meetings and small in-person group surveying will allow for the community and residents to continue to be involved in the planning process until we can all meet in person again. We plan to offer additional opportunities to display and receive comment as draft plans become available. Please sign up for our email newsletter to stay involved and be notified of all input opportunities. If you want to share thoughts directly, feel free to contact us via email or phone.

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Please take our current survey below about the master plan schemes recently shown at the October Open House. If you missed a previous survey, have no fear, you can always go back and take any survey at any time by clicking on the past survey buttons. We ask that you tell a friend and help us reach more people!

If you haven't already done so, please review our October Open House presentation boards before giving your feedback in this survey.