virtual workshop sessions

We are sketching out ideas for the redevelopment of North Downtown Athens / Bethel Homes. While we would love to meet again in-person for our second round of community workshops, safety is of top priority and we look forward to "meeting" everyone online for these upcoming workshops. Please join us on August 13th - 15th online to see the ideas and share yours. We will host this Virtual Planning Workshop through a series of Zoom calls Thursday, Friday, and Saturday on topics ranging from sustainability to street networks to transit. We will present some thoughts, solicit feedback from participants, and maybe do some sketching in real time. Join one that interests you, or join them all!


Be sure to catch us for the final wrap up on Saturday. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

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Session 1: Complete Streets & College Avenue

A “complete street” is one designed to support safe mobility for users of all ages and abilities. Presenters will review suggested improvements along College Avenue and the street network connecting Bethel to downtown. What are your ideas to improve the safety and experience for people traveling by on foot, bike, car or bus in the North Downtown area?

Thursday, August 13  |  4:30 - 5:30 pm EST
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Session 2: parks & Openspaces

Local greenspaces encourage resident wellness, a healthy environment, and community connections. This session will explore opportunities for parks and open spaces in the redevelopment and their connections to nearby recreational facilities. What types of parks do you appreciate and why? What is best suited for this redevelopment?

Thursday, August 13  |  6:45 - 7:45 pm EST
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Session 3: Exploring the civic parcels

Our team and the community will brainstorm future uses for ACC-UG owned land within the planning area. When the Planning Department moves - what is the future of the Planning Auditorium on Dougherty? How can the energy of downtown Athens expand into the North Downtown area?

Friday, August 14  |  8:30 - 9:30 am EST
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Session 4: transportation & transit

This session will discuss improvements to the modes of transportation to and from the North Downtown area, including ACC transit, school buses, bicycle infrastructure, and roads. Where should the bus stops be located and what should they look like? What makes good bike storage and is there a bike rental program to consider?

Friday, August 14  |  Noon - 1 pm EST
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Session 5: sustainability & Green strategies

Athens-Clarke County Unified Government recently set a clean energy goal to reduce air pollution, water pollution, and energy costs. This session will explore neighborhood-level sustainable development strategies like solar, low impact development stormwater management and more!

Friday, August 14  |  5 - 6 pm EST
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Session 6: artlets & neighborhood history

Art has the power to transform public spaces and help share a community’s history and culture. This session aims to explore the history of the site and discuss ways to incorporate public art in the Bethel redevelopment in a meaningful, community driven way.

Saturday, August 15  |  10 - 11 am EST
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final Session: review & wrap up

Please join us for our wrap up! We will summarize what we heard from all sessions held during the Virtual Planning Workshops and welcome feedback and discussion from the community. Join us whether you were able to participate in a previous session or not!

Saturday, August 15  |  Noon - 1 pm EST

Some of us are new to using the Zoom platform, so please refer to this resource in advance of the call. We want to ensure all who wish to provide input into the plan have an opportunity to do so. Our session moderators will open the session 5 minutes early for those who need extra time to set up. And, as always feel free to contact us with questions.

If you are unable to make these virtual meetings, don't worry - we will have them recorded and available on our website afterwards.